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We are excited to bring you fabulous new books in 2018 – among them, the memoir of remarkable Aboriginal elder, Tjanara Goreng Goreng.

Tjanara began life without any of the advantages of her fellow non-Indigenous Australians except for grit, humour and diverse talent in spades – intelligence, musical and artistic ability and sporting prowess.

Through one woman’s story, this book shines a light on the shameful treatment and betrayal of first Australians by individuals and social institutions over generations, since Europeans took over this country. It is a story is oft resilience, courage and Tjanara’s remarkable capacity to overcome every possible barrier that can be thrown up in Australian society. She is an inspiration to all fellow Australians and more specifically to the disenfranchised, marginalised and voiceless Indigenous communities.

Journalist and author, Julie Szego, takes us into Tjanara’s world – a world that non-Indigenous Australians rarely have the privilege of visiting.

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