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Fabulous Aussie STEM Stars interview with Cristy Burne


The always enthusiastic Cristy Burne was recently interviewed by Echo Chamber Escape.

Read her insightful interview here:

We love how strongly Cristy’s love of Science comes through, and she makes some brilliant points about its importance to the world RIGHT NOW.

We particularly love this quote:

“My own personal bugbear is the trope of the “evil scientist”: I mean, please! Science gives electricity, clean water and flushing toilets. It gives us purpose and wonder and hope. Scientists devote their lives to the discovery of new knowledge. And new knowledge helps us solve problems. Just ask anyone you know what they think of 2020, and it’ll become abundantly clear that our planet has problems. Now, more than ever, we need innovators. We need creators. We need problem-solvers. And that means we need STEM.”

Cristy’s book Aussie STEM Stars: Fiona Wood is available to buy now from our online shop, or consider supporting your local bookstore.


Did you know the Aussie STEM Stars series also has its own website?

Check it out for a bunch of wonderful info and resources:

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