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From Timor-Leste to Australia

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Edited by Jan Trezise


Seven families, three generations tell their stories.



Stories from a remarkable, courageous, and resilient people, who endured so much, just on our doorstep.


A collection of poignant stories and poems of seven East Timorese families living in Melbourne’s City of Casey whose experiences belong to that long history of human tragedy created where violent conflict of power, land and resources takes place, inevitably visiting on ordinary people, disruption and loss.


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Print ISBN: 9780987381101
ePub ISBN: 9780987381347
ePDF ISBN: 9780987178596

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Product Description

The East Timorese have a special place in Australian history. From 1975 to 1999, violent conflicts over power, land and resources caused disruption and horrific loss and dislocation to the East Timorese people. Men, women, children, and even grandparents, were forced to flee their beloved homeland, their culture, their language, their families. Refugees arrived in Australia, the majority settling in Melbourne, quietly making new lives.

Until now, their stories, written by people in the East Timorese community in Melbourne’s City of Casey, have not been recorded and published. With a heritage tied so closely to Australia in so many ways, this collection represents an essential part of the great story of migration, whether voluntary or forced, to this country particularly in the last 50 years.


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