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The palace entrance was formed by a long corridor, narrow and winding, some sections of which were so low the engineers and workers had to crouch down to walk through, while others stretched thirty metres into the air. There were stairs that ended at sheer cliff walls, hallways that sloped gently upward and converged with the ceiling.Gradually fear gripped all who were worked there.

Cries of terror could be heard day and night, calling for help out of the labyrinth. It was pitch black and the flow of air constricted. No matter how much he groped, he couldn’t find a wall. Gripped with horror, he realised he’d reached the end of the line. He stopped fighting. ” (pages 83-84)

The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree, our 2017 magic-realist novel by the wonderful Shokoofeh Azar, has received a well-deserved accolade – a place in The Australian’s Best Books from 2017!

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