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The Palace of Angels, by Mohammed Massoud Morsi, has been shortlisted for the Voss Literary Prize.

Congratulations Morsi on this wonderful achievement for your beautiful book.

This caps off a stellar year for Morsi, who was also nominated for the NSW Premiers Literary Award Christina Stead Prize, and – before Covid-19 – had successful appearances at many festivals, including the Adelaide Writers Festival and the Perth Literary Festival.

The Palace of Angels is a collection of three devastatingly beautiful stories praised by the likes of Geraldine Brooks and Ilan Pappé (Noam Chomsky’s co-author), set in Palestine from the 1990s to the present day. In each, characters fight for freedom by fighting with their defined self, as each story exposes ‘the clash between love and hate, revenge and compassion, within an impossible and abnormal reality of occupation, colonisation and ethnic cleansing’.

Available now from your local bookstore, or directly from the WDP shop.

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